2010 Mongolian Relief Effort

Oxygen Equipment Given to Hospitals
This year Star Valley Rotary Club (district #5440USA) initiated a neonatal program in Mongolia. They were joined by Tamir Rotary Club of Mongolia (district #3450MON) and Rotary EClub One (district #5450USA). The budget was $16,000 which was used to purchase and transport equipment. Much of the equipment delivered is shown in the pictures through the article. Other pictures are at the bottom of the page. (Click on any picture to see an enlargement. Please forgive us if some enlargements aren't perfectly clear). (To the right we see oxygen equipment given to the hospitals).

The Deputy Minister is intrigued by the CPR MannequinsThe two week trip included participation from 9 Rotary members including a Rotary Doctor and Rotary Nurse. Six district hospitals were visited. Each received 2 Oxygen concentrators (shown above), doppler machines (shown below-right), 1 pediatric Suction machine (shown below-left), stethoscopes, newborn kits, and a variety of supplies. Computerized CPR practice mannequins (shown to the left) were used in the training of the hospital staffs. Next year our plans are to provide each hospital with their own teaching mannequins. (To the left we see the Mongolian Deputy Minister of Health is intrigued by the CPR mannequins).

The project was covered by local television stations when the team met with the Deputy Minister of Health and continued as the group crossed the country. The trip included travel of over 400 miles, half on dirt roads. The rural hospitals were especially enthusiastic and supportive.
A Fetal Doppler machine is given to the Head of Maternity
Six Neonatal Resuscitation courses were held to improve care for a newborn that is having difficulties breathing or with low heart rate. A total of 117 doctors and nurses attended and worked on a computer mannequin during the classes. One hundred mothers with infants were given newborn kits.

The team is looking forward to a new project next year in Mongolia. Star Valley Rotary will be coordinating a 3-day Rotary Medical Conference for the country. Two doctors from Oklahoma (district #5750) have already signed on. Their specialties are OB-GYN and Pediatrician. There is a special need for an Anesthiologist who works with C-sections, and a Neonatologist. (In the picture to the right, a Doppler machine is given to the Head of Maternity).

An Administrator of a hospital accepts a suction machineRotary members who are interested in joining the team or helping with funds may contact Marta Heap, Chairman of International Projects for Star Valley Rotary, at martash@silverstar.com. (In the picture to the left, a suction machine is given to a hospital Administrator).

Gifts to new mothers included blankets, caps... While neonatal techniques and information was taught in classrooms.

Doctors practiced on the CPR mannequins and the trip was covered by the local television station with the Deputy Minister giving an interview.

This project could not have been accomplished without help from other donors and clubs. The Rotary EClub One donated $5000 to the project, and one of their members, Gerry Roberts, is shown below giving a check to our club President, Chris Allred. Our little Star Valley Rotary Club came up with $5000 and The District 5440 Governor's Grant matched it. The picture on the right shows our group having lunch "on the go"!