Our speaker on October 30th, 2007 was Dr. Jeffrey Rosenberg, who is the new Emergency Room doctor at Star Valley Medical Center. (Click on his pic to see an enlargement).

Dr. Rosenberg grew up near Idaho Falls, just a stone's throw from Star Valley. He went to Rick's College, then to Utah State university for Undergraduate training, and finally to Kirksville College of Osteophathic Medicine for Medical school. He did his externship and internship in Detroit, MI and then went to Dayton, OH for a residency specializing in Emergency Medicine. After completing his training he began working at Merle West Medical Center in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where he specialized in ER medicine.

He says it is a different pace here, but still interesting work and cases. He is on a 2-3 day/week shift, 24-hours per "day". He takes turns covering the ER with the family physicians. He enjoys specializing in Emergency Medicine - it is something different
every day. He has also studied Wilderness Medicine, which deals in treating Hypothermia, Heat Stroke, Altitude Sickness, etc., and hopes to put it into practice here.

He was asked whether the ER position was expanding. He said it was always a possibility. Norman Mogul, also present, added that the Star Valley Medical Center has tried to grow and respond to all of Star Valley's needs, and has grown much in the last few years.

He was also asked if they are including "Senior Medicine" in the ER services and training. He said that all doctors at SVMC are trained in treating pneumonia, stroke, heart attacks, etc., those problems that Seniors often have, or have more of.

Dr. Rosenberg's wife is from Preston, Idaho, about two hours South of here, and he is from about two hours North, so Star Valley was a great median choice to settle in. He is presently renting in Smoot, and is looking for the right property to build on. He and his wife have 4 children which they are home schooling, and horses.