Our Rotary Speaker/Presenter for May 22, 2007 was Holly Parker from the Thayne Branch of the Lincoln County Library System.

Holly visited us to tell us about the new Thayne Branch of the library that is now open. The library can be found temporarily in the "Video USA building" in Thayne, just off of Main Street and Dana Street, with about 1000 square feet of space. She was most excited about opening this branch since she got to choose the books that would be available there. If a book is not available, you can have it ordered and even reserved - which is presently still free. They also have books on tape and CD, videos, and DVDs, which are rotated around to each branch. They even have a small number of bi-lingual books. Other services include: downloadable eAudio books through the branch's web site, subscriptions to periodicals such as the Chilton Automotive repair manuals, and more.

There are not many programs yet, but they have been doing Story Time and Pre-School Reading Time for children during the school year, which also include songs, crafts, and activities that the children can participate in. Weather permitting, some activities are held outside and/or in a nearby park. Most of these are held on Mondays and Tuesdays. The children also get computer time so that they can develop computer skills. The internet at the library is firewalled and content filtered.

They are also a part of the "Wyoming Reads" program which sends volunteers into schools to read books and stories to children. Parents get informed on how inportant it is to read with their children. Holly points out a statistic that shows that if a child reads 30 or more minutes per day, they will be above their reading level in school.

Holly has been in the library system for about 10 years and works under Brenda McGuiness who is the County Coordinator. She says that when this branch opened, they had less than 20 visitors per day. Now they have about 100 per day, with no decrease in the number of visitors to Afton. She says most are coming from Bedford, Freedom, and Thayne, as well as Etna. A new library building is being built in Alpine just behind and to the North of the Alpine City Building, and will have much more square footage and staff.

She and the Thayne library can be contacted at 307-883-READ(7323), or by E-mail at HParker@will.wy.state.us.
The library can be found on-line at http://will.state.wy.us/lincoln/index.html,
and the Thayne branch at http://www-wsl.state.wy.us/thayne/index.htm.